Red got drunk in a bar and made a birthday party by him own self! WhooooooooooRed got drunk in a bar and made a birthday party by him own self!


(At a bar, Red chugs a bottle of beer while on top of a table. Blue walks up.)

Blue: ♪Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday from Blue!♪ Aaand you're drunk.

Red: (breathes in deeply, then leans forward quickly, breaking a few bottles beside him.) Blue!

Blue: How's the, uh, birthday?

Red: (drunk) You're not even (mumbles) with a panda hat.

Blue: Oh, yeah? Cool...

Red: (drunk, he goes down the table, stands back up, and embraces Blue.) Heh-hey, Blue.

Blue: What?

Red: Blue!

Blue. What?

Red: BlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlueBlue...

Blue: What?

Red: Listen.

Blue: What?

Red: Listen. Blue listen.

Blue: What?!

Red: Listen.

Blue: WHAT?!

Red: (deep voice) Listen! (drunk) I love you! I wanna...let's...(mumbles)...let's grow old together in every way!

(deep voice, background blazes.) EVERY WAY! (The background goes back to normal.)

Blue: (trying to leave Red) 'Kay...

(Disco ball drops down next to Red and Red starts to dance.)

Red: Dance party fo Red!

(Red crashes into the glass fragments from the bottles earlier. Red gets up with the fragments stuck on him. Disco ball disappears.)

Red: Yeah! Hey, ladies! (Runs off.)

Blue: Eh, fack!

Red: (sprints up to a woman) Hey, baby, knock knock, who's there, sex, sex who, sex with me, BOOM! (black sunglasses suddenly pop out in front of his eyes and he strikes a pose.)

Woman: Aw, that's so romantic! Call me--

Red: Whatever! (Walks away.)

Blue: Oh, my God, dude, what happened?

Red: I know, right! What a piyaaaammp!

(Clip quickly rewinds to when Red spoke to the woman.)

Red: (drunk) Hey, blehblehbloobleblebloohehehe! Knock knock.

(The woman angrily breaks her beer bottle on the countertop. Red ends up having a broken bottle on his head.)

Blue: Wow, dude, you're really drunk. (Removes the broken bottle on Red's head. Blood is visible on the tips.) I gotta get you home.

Red: (drunk) YEAH, RIGHT! I'm fine. I ain't never puked from throwin' up!

Blue: You mean drinking?

Red: (breathes in) (low voice): Drinking! Drinking! Drinking! Drinking! Drinking! (Walks off.)

Blue: Red! (groans)

Woman: (groans) Men are such pigs.

Raccoon: I can go all night-a, baby. I'm-a nocturnal. (Growls seductively.)

(Time lapse. Red talks to his reflection in a mirror.)

Red: (drunk) You don't know meh!

(Time lapse. Red talks to himself. The bartender observes him.)

Red: (drunk) Is this real life? Now?

(Time lapse. Red is lying on the floor.)

Red: (drunk) My eyes are puzzle pieces!

(Time lapse. Red seems to be talking to someone.)

Red: (drunk) Let's grow old together in every way! Except for the gay way!

(Camera zooms out, showing that Red is talking to a toilet. He dunks his head in the bowl and flushes.)

Blue: It's time to go, dude. You're making out with that toilet pretty hard.

(Red pulls out his head from the toilet.)

Red: Your mom's making out with that post! YEAH! leave her outta this!

Red: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh... (his stomach becomes wavy)

Blue: No!

Blue: Noooooooooo!

(Video slows down, deepening everybody's voice.)

Red: Urrruuuuugh!

Blue: Noooooooooooooo!


Blue: Are you kidding me?!

Red: Yeee-(Video speed is back to normal. Red begins vomiting on Blue.)


Red: I DON'T KNOW! (Continues to vomit on Blue. Eventually, Blue lies down.) You don't know where I've been-

(Red vomits on Blue once more.)

Blue: I hate you! (Red laughs.) I hate you sooo mu--!

-Episode ends-


  • When Red tells a knock-knock joke to a woman, his hat is missing.
  • Red's first drunken episode.
  • The episode is named from the part where Red says "...With the panda hat."
  • Red might have said "SPARTA!" right before Blue replies, "Are you kidding me?"
  • This is the first episode where Red doesn't talk in Auto-Tune at all.
  • It is revealed that Red may have a drinking problem.
  • The bonus track on the season 1 soundtrack album, "Yo Butt", plays in the background as the bar music. It is later heard in OMG and Fang Angels.
  • The purple woman is the first female character not to wear a skirt, though this might've been an animation error. Or she's wearing pants
  • This is the first episode where Red uses his demonic voice.
  • This is one of the only episodes where the words "shit" and "fuck" are not used, although Blue says, "Fack".
  • On the bathroom stall, Red wrote graffiti that says: "Make that ass crap " which is what Racoon said in A Bee or Something. But it said "-R" which meant it could have been Red or Raccoon.
  • This is the first episode to have FX.